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Aliya Vinay Parashar is an interdisciplinary artist focused within the mediums of fibers + material studies, garment, and installation focusing on gender identity and its intersection to post-colonial theory. Aliya strives to strike a balance between celebrating femininity and honoring bodies while creating a vision of resistance through garments and fiber production.

Her work was recently featured in Posture Magazine (Spring 2018), Paper Magazine (Spring 2019), and had been modeled by friends, artists, and members of her created resistance. She has recently been awarded the Barclay Simpson award during her time at CCA. She works to create a vision of trans beauty and strength which reclaims luxury as a tool for resistance; in doing so sharing stories of ancestry, divinity, and, resilience.


She holds a Bachelor's of Fine Art (BFA) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2019) Chicago, IL, after transferring from Otis College of Art and Design (2015). Aliya is also an MA/MFA candidate at the California College of the Arts starting Fall 2019.

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