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Artist Statement


Constricted and boiled, skins are submerged into the waters of the earth. Pressed into the crevices of the vice around it, struggling to breathe, porosity is forced. Open. Breath, suspension, & she becomes undone. Her sacred body proposing to a space; ecstasy for the divine. How much time is spent here? The thick air asks the actions to elegiacally move through it with weight, be wary, do not disrupt. Find the flow, …pause… does one belong? 

The Yantra blooms from its center; the Bindu begins at the point of origin for the divine. It roots itself into its core. Hyper self-reference to make the celestial ruled in billowing gestures and intersecting geometries. Spaces scored to hold the sacred– reverence for beauty. Flowering allusions to summon the empyrean; negotiations abound.

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