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Genda aur Sona se Bana Shaheed

Martyrs Made of Gold and Marigolds

Martyrs Made of Gold & Marigolds

गेंदा और सोने से बना शहीद

Genda aur Sona se Bana Shaheed

April 2019

5 X 4 X 6 Feet

Gold Leaf, Twenty-Four Gold Mirrors, Urli Bowls, Dried Flowers Dipped in Beeswax, Hand-Spun Silk Yarn (Dyed with Marigolds), Glass Beads, Brass Bowls, Silk Chiffon, Water, Silk Organza, Natural Dye (Indigo, Eupatorium, Safflower, and Marigold)

Mirrors have been gilded to create reflections of the silk-based bodies strung to mirror the assembly of deities in a temple. The primary notion being that garments are illuminated through the changes in light reflected by the warmly gilded gold mirrors. The garments are strung at eye and height level to represent the bodies we wade past. This emphasizes the adornment of these bodies by placing them in a structure of created ambiance. 


The garments are dyed with Safflower, Indigo, Eupatorium, and Marigolds. Marigolds often being used to decorate garlands and to be used as offerings for said deities. The mimicry of the flora, and fauna used to dye the garments emphasizes their relationship to the offering; placing themselves in the social ecology of the temple. Garments are placed above the bowls of water and flowers to represent their connection to the offering. 

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