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Saans Lene ka Vyaayaam

Breathing Exercise

Saans Lene ka Vyaayaam

साँस लेने का व्यायाम

Breathing Exercise One 


March 2020

Approx 130 Sq. Ft

Wind, silk yardage, natural pigment (marigolds, safflower, madder, kutch, and kamala), gold gilded mirrors, and light.


The aura of a sacred body is suspended into the place where two orientations meet. Dragged across the room to provide a gesture nodding towards their presence. A simple gesture can be resistance. Wind is applied to the yardage to sync the movement of the silks to the breath of the audience. The space is beautiful but forces a carefulness when examining it. Light distorts and plays with the original colors of the fabric, thus creating a mythology of pigment an color. Senses become stained; divinity seeps outside the confined room and towards the audience. A confrontation.

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